Mip Chunda Comes to CSVC


Today, Mip Chunda, the yellow lab saw white-boy rapper gone veterinarian, B-Rodskee in an appointment destined to be called the ear-job of the century. The all-star guest list included otitis media mogul Kue Simmel, and psychic advisor to the stars, Lion Devitan. Porn star Coco Nelson Chajmovic (AKA Bavid “Normal Kidney” Dessler) was on hand as well. Onlookers were amazed as Mip tore off a small peice of B-rod’s left earlobe and spit it into the audience. A young girl, later identified as eastern pop-diva Rothra Motten-yogurt, caught the resected appendage and rushed off to have it encased in lucite. Davidbessler.com reporters caught up with the young idol later to discuss her trophy.

“It’s really more like a dream,” Motten-yogurt said. “I thought I would end up with a sock or perhaps a piece of belt. But to come away with an actual body part is more than I could have ever asked for.”
Admissions to the show were free thanks to the kind and generous donations of the CSVC (Center for Special Veterinarian’s Cats).


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