Simon Gets Glasses

Simon gets glasses
Simon gets glasses

Simon’s glasses finally arrived today. We put them on and he actually sees a lot better. He can actually see the cheese and yum-yums we give him. He still has to get used to them. Right now, he’ll leave them on as long as he is distracted but the first chance he gets, he takes them off. My plan is to distract him while he wears them for longer and longer periods of time until he just keeps them on.

About Doggles
Doggles are protective eyewear for dogs. They are actually goggles for dogs, hence the name. Unlike ordinary sunglasses for dogs, Doggles actually protect dog’s eyes from foreign objects, wind, and UV light.

For all of you who don’t know why Simon needs glasses, a few months ago Simon had an acute case of glaucoma because the lense in his left eye popped out of place. We treated him in the middle of the night and the next day he needed to have that lens removed. The lens in the other eye was on the verge of luxating too and so we took that one out as well. It took him a long time to recover from the surgeries but is doing much better now. He will still, occasionally bump into things but is getting along pretty well. Marni used the techniques she uses to figure out the glasses prescription for babies and figured out roughly the prescription Simon would need. Marni’s dad (the optician) had the lenses made. The lenses were fit into frames made by Doggles (sunglasses for dogs) – and now, Simon has glasses.


2 thoughts on “Simon Gets Glasses

  1. our dog is 16 years old and nearsighted with cataracts. we have been joking for years that we should invent glasses for dogs, in fact, our 8 year old daughter even wrote a paper for school on hiring an eye dr. to invent doggie eyeglasses. anyway, your article interested us and we wonder if you could briefly outline how we would be able to determine the prescription that our dog needs. it would be neat if one could order (maybe you know where we could get something like this?) a set of test lenses ranging roughly from -1 through -10 in .5 diopter ranges to determine a prescription for her. my guess is that she may need a correction of at least – 5, possibly as much as -10 (my eyes are corrected at -13 for glasses, -10.5 contact lenses so i can infer what her visual deficit may be within a certain range.

    thanks, myreen aschenbach

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