My New Camera

I just bought a Nikon 4600 4-megapixel digital camera. Until now I had been using my ancient Cannon Powershot A50 (with a whopping 0.7 megapixels) because I used my camera primarily for images that would be viewed on computer monitors. The time has come, however, for me to move into the 21st century and get a camera suitable for prints. I wanted to get a digital SLR but that proved a little too expensive. Anyway, here’s a picture of breakfast at 3-Star Coffee Shop.

It has really nice macro functions and produces nice images, I take lots of nature pictures and needed that good macro detail for things like flowers and pLants I can’t identify etc …

As you can see, the detail and quality are really quite good. So far so good – I’m happy with it. It was only $179 at Circuit City too … a definite bonus to buying mildly outdated technology (all the hot cameras are now 6 megapixels).


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