A Brief History of Me

Not sure ...
Not sure ...

At 9lbs 10oz they say I was the heaviest baby in Nyack Hospital. Nyack is a town in Rockland County – about 30 minutes north west of Manhattan. My family actually lived in a town nearby called Monsey. We lived in a house on Albert Drive until I was about a year old at which point we moved to another house in Monsey on Nelson Road. The Albert Drive area is now predominantly an ultra-orthodox or hassidic area. In Monsey, there is a hill which used to divide Monsey into two sections. “Down the hill,” as it was called, was primarily Hassidic jews while “up the hill” was more Modern Orthodox jews. The difference between the two is mostly in their respective levels of separation from the secular world. The Hassidic jews live in ghetto-like communities and interact little, if at all, with the secular world. Modern Orthodoxy tends to interact more – subject for another discussion. Albert Drive was actually on the hill geographically. I’m not sure what that says about my family. Either way, we moved up the hill when I was a year old. I was placed in nursery at a local yeshiva elementary school called Adolph Schreiber Hebrew Academy of Rockland or A.S.H.A.R. There have always been rumors that when the Schreibers donated their money to the school, there were plans to name it the Schreiber Hebrew Instute of Torah or S.H.I.T.


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