Pipecleaner Dance Returns

Pipecleaner Dance on davidbessler.com
Pipecleaner Dance on davidbessler.com

Wanna donate money to our baby Noah Darwin‘s college fund?
Click below. Any amount—even a buck—is appreciated. With a donation of $10 or more, we will send you a free pipecleaner man (well, not really free—ten dollars is a lot to pay for a pipecleaner, but satisfaction is gauranteed). Don’t forget to leave us your shipping address!

New Features!

I have just added keyboard control. You can now access poses 1-12 with keys a,s,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,v,b,n

Note: You mist first click somewhere on the image before it will sense the key presses. Enjoy! Now you can refer to dance poses by key name. If you come up with some good dance combos, please submit them.

Choose your song

Now you have a choice of two 80s favorites! Grove is in the Heart by Dee-Lite, or Kenny Loggins’ Footloose.


Using the keyboard will allow you to choreograph your own routines … for example, try the Wave (H-G-F) the Head-banger (A-V-A-V) or the Butt-slapper (B-D-B-D-B-D). Submit your own and I’ll post them.


Back by popular demand. One night, late at night back in 1998 when I was at Cornell, I was sitting at my computer after having just gotten one of the early Logitech webcams. I was trying to figure out a way to add video to my website. Back then, 56K connections were the norm so standard video would not cut it. Anyway, I needed something to experiment with. I had a package of pipe cleaners on my desk and without really thinking about it, built the pipecleaner man. I started making a stop-motion video of the pipecleaner man. Then I tried to make forward, rewind, stop, and play buttons for the pipecleaner man. At one point, while messing with the buttons I had made, I started playing the video backwards and forwards and it looked like he was dancing. It dawned on me that it would be lots of fun to be able to control him, so I made little buttons with different poses, and that’s how the pipecleaner dance was born. Soon, the page became immensely popular and I was getting lots of hits and email from fans all over the world. The Clevland Plain Dealer called me and included the pipecleaner dance in an article about wacky personal web pages. Anyway, at some point my site moved on, and the pipecleaner dance was left behind on a backup CD. I’ve gotten email over the past few years asking where he went. I finally found him today after someone left a comment on davidbessler.com asking for his return. SO, here he is. I left him at his original address.

Plans for the future

I am working on another, as well as some improvements to the Pipecleaner Dance. Keep checking back.

The original Pipecleaner Dance.