Pipecleaner Dance Returns

Pipecleaner Dance on davidbessler.com
Pipecleaner Dance on davidbessler.com

Wanna donate money to our baby Noah Darwin‘s college fund?
Click below. Any amount—even a buck—is appreciated. With a donation of $10 or more, we will send you a free pipecleaner man (well, not really free—ten dollars is a lot to pay for a pipecleaner, but satisfaction is gauranteed). Don’t forget to leave us your shipping address!

New Features!

I have just added keyboard control. You can now access poses 1-12 with keys a,s,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,v,b,n

Note: You mist first click somewhere on the image before it will sense the key presses. Enjoy! Now you can refer to dance poses by key name. If you come up with some good dance combos, please submit them.

Choose your song

Now you have a choice of two 80s favorites! Grove is in the Heart by Dee-Lite, or Kenny Loggins’ Footloose.


Using the keyboard will allow you to choreograph your own routines … for example, try the Wave (H-G-F) the Head-banger (A-V-A-V) or the Butt-slapper (B-D-B-D-B-D). Submit your own and I’ll post them.


Back by popular demand. One night, late at night back in 1998 when I was at Cornell, I was sitting at my computer after having just gotten one of the early Logitech webcams. I was trying to figure out a way to add video to my website. Back then, 56K connections were the norm so standard video would not cut it. Anyway, I needed something to experiment with. I had a package of pipe cleaners on my desk and without really thinking about it, built the pipecleaner man. I started making a stop-motion video of the pipecleaner man. Then I tried to make forward, rewind, stop, and play buttons for the pipecleaner man. At one point, while messing with the buttons I had made, I started playing the video backwards and forwards and it looked like he was dancing. It dawned on me that it would be lots of fun to be able to control him, so I made little buttons with different poses, and that’s how the pipecleaner dance was born. Soon, the page became immensely popular and I was getting lots of hits and email from fans all over the world. The Clevland Plain Dealer called me and included the pipecleaner dance in an article about wacky personal web pages. Anyway, at some point my site moved on, and the pipecleaner dance was left behind on a backup CD. I’ve gotten email over the past few years asking where he went. I finally found him today after someone left a comment on davidbessler.com asking for his return. SO, here he is. I left him at his original address.

Plans for the future

I am working on another, as well as some improvements to the Pipecleaner Dance. Keep checking back.

The original Pipecleaner Dance.


111 thoughts on “Pipecleaner Dance Returns

  1. Dancing pipeleaner man was sent to me by my sister and I have forwarded him several times. He always makes me smile. Have you noticed the slight resemblance to Kevin Bacon?

  2. We enjoyed the pipe cleaner… I has it forwarded to me at work and it changed my mood lol so I had to send it to Todd. Do u have any other comedy things?

  3. I want that video for my xanga site. But everytime i try it fails. Why????????????? I just want him to dance for my friends on xanga!!
    Please help me.

  4. can’t….stop….dancing! Footloose was the perfect song for this!!
    We love it! Thanks for this, we’re going to somehow use this at our wedding. We’ll put it on a big jumbo screen!!! Perfectly choreographed to our first song. Yeah! that’s it!!

  5. Thank You, Thank You……

    I loved it made me smile on what was a real bad day.

    I will forward this to other so they can smile too.

  6. Very funky….Very hip…..But Totally COOOOOOL MAN!!!! You know I must didn’t have anything important today but watch a pipe cleaner dance!!!!! BUT STILLL TOTALLY COOL…Let me go and watch again!!!! DANCE PIPE MAN!

  7. Wonderful tool for any choreographer. Pipe cleaner dancer is so versatile because it allows for a wide variety of combination of move at varying speeds. Thank you so much for creating this sophisticated professional tool for those of us in the dance world.

  8. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! I can’t believe tttttttttttttttttthat this is on the web…it’s sooo cute and fun to play with. Thank you for something so simple. 🙂

  9. a dancer myself, I had fun putting the dude thru the paces! lol. you really created something fun and whacky…I dig it…thanks…btw, any chance you will be giving him even more poses??? The “choreography” could get really gnarly…woohooo!

  10. I have never danced so well in my life. Vicariously, through the pipe cleaner dancer, I was able to show off moves I wouldn\’t even dream of doing myself – I could hurt myself doing some of those – and was able to even take a bow or two at the end. THANKS! for allowing me a chance to boggie on down the road.

  11. I LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY!! I sent it to my sister and she loves it because it keeps her 4 y/o entertained for quite sometime! Thanks for spending the time to make us smile and laugh.

  12. It was so funny and I loved the dance. One question, what did it have to do with Jesus on the Cross? They do not go together. -AT ALL. very cute but Easter is coming – we all better get serious for a change. I love the dance and music but the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

  13. Very nice. Good Job. Hey! What about some more pcp(pipecleaner people) in the near future? Do they have any pets? Thanks for making my day.=)

  14. Hi David,

    Your little PC man is really ‘cool’…I will be sending it onto my Grandchildren…a simple little character that shows it’s creator to be quite talented with a fun imagination.

  15. What a clever and talented person you are! The Pipecleaner Man is great and funny and very limber! I had a ball playing with him! Can you make more of this type of thing? Thanks for the entertainment and making me smile! Jan

  16. Saving pipecleaner man from the pipe is like saving a lamb from slaughter…what a service you’ve done for all pipecleaner mankind…

  17. This is so cool. Thanks, you lifted my heart…imagine how one thing you do can continue to touch so many. I love the ways we reach out and touch each other in such positive ways. We do need that! We are all so fragile in our strength. Wishing you all good things.

  18. i’m actually like pretty sure napoleon dynamite like became a sort of really sweet star by like taking you know like lessons from the uh pipecleaner dude and really like for sure that rex-kwon-do guy did too. . .

  19. Very creative and lots of fun. Can’t imagnine any other music for the Pipecleaner Man to dance to. Am going through rough times, but this provided a huge lift for me! I’ll keep it forever!

  20. I love Footloose!! The Pipecleaner Dance man is so fun. Thanks for bringing this back as I missed it the first time around.

  21. What an imagination! Found this very amusing. Using different technique moves plus a great song “Foot Loose” Rocks”….Keep them coming!

  22. I had a really good time putting the PC Man through his paces. It would make anyone smile, if they have a happy place in their heart at all! Thanks for sharing your ingenious idea. Surely this should be on JAY LENO! It is much funnier than some of their stuff. God Bless you Buddy!

  23. Wonderful!! I was sent the link by my friend in Canada so the wee man has been well received in Scotland. Clever stuff.
    Cheers :¬)

  24. This is great…Footloose has been one of my favorite songs since the movie came out way back when…lol…it always has lifted my spirits…especially now when I should be working on my finals instead of playing on the computer…. I wish there was some way to put it on my computer so I could view it in a larger mode and without having to log on to the internet. Happy Easter and God bless you!!!!

  25. Great dancing Pipe Cleaner Man! Reminds me of a guy I dated in college…
    Since he is dancing to the Footloose tune, can I now count this as one of my degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon?
    Dude, you must make a Pipe Cleaner girlfriend for him!!!!!!

  26. what a piece of work you have here my friend. you have a brilliant think here. I would love to see what possibilities you can do with other people and animals. .. after fetching car keys from a sewer drain grate today.. I REALLY NEEDED a good laugh and something more to smile about.. thanks david. best of luck in all you do…

  27. Someone in our school district forwarded this to me. We love it! I do wish, however, you had left it so that the song keeps repeating itself without having to restart it. (I sometimes just play it while I’m typing.) You’re amazing and how delightful that you are willing to share your gift with others!

  28. Hi there,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have since forwarded this to a TON of people and they all love it! Thanks for the smile!

  29. I love this. I am plalying with it more than Pacman or Frogger. How about having the little guy do a few spins? Probably not possible but fun to imagine…. J.. Better than great!

  30. this was so funny!!!! how did you figure out how to make the pipecleaner man dance? and what’s up with a pipecleaner person for ten dollars? anyway, my teacher sent this to me to prove that she was funny, and boy did she prove it!!!!

  31. Someone sent this to me, it’s great!!!!!!When I feel really stressed I pop this up and feel better in seconds!!!!

  32. i love this little guy he is as cute as a new born animal or human i oove i always play with him on the computer espiecally when i want to listen to my favourite song footloose if you want to hear this osng more go to the movie footloose it mad well not really the movie but the song so go and have a look! tilly

  33. The pipe cleaner danceing man is very cute , but i think you re a bit rudeand assuming for asking for money on the internet for your childs education. Everyone had things they need money for anf we DONT get on the net to ask for money. This is a form of begging and with educatioanl achievments that you have , you should not have the need to beg.
    A disappointed reader

  34. HEY NOW!

    I see “PCD” is stepping up and is wearing “furrier” duds! The guy is on his way… Big Time…Peter Gabriel.,

    also… can you add “Super freak by Rick James? Now that’s the way to start the day.

    PS…getting carpel tunnel…can i have a discount…so what if your a vet…cut-rate on your kitchen table…Dom Perignon for anesthesia.

  35. I just showed pizz the man and she wants to be his friend forever. What about me I says? Oh well I think he’s great and maybe he’ll help me get a date. I’d like to see him have a dance partner. Wiz

  36. I love this!! I play with Mr. Pipe everytime I go on the computer…It is so funny to get him moving to all the great songs… I must have sent it to everyone I know.

  37. Reminds me of when I had a 8mm camera and did stop motion to prove I could do Mr Bill. I wish I never played with clay and used pipe cleaners. Great work, made me laugh

  38. I am a dance teacher so my mom forwarded this to me. I have to say, I can always get over being grumpy within the first few beats of the song Footloose. Then to be able to add my own (your own) choeography is a fun challenge. You have saved me a tremendous amount on therapy! Thanks a bunch. I have shared this with my friends.

  39. A friend sent Pipe Cleaner to me and I just love it, spent 15 minutes the first night grooving on my chair. I used to love dancing and I sure would have loved jiving to Footloose. Turning 76 on my last birthday has slowed down my footwork some.

  40. This is just the best thing when you have REALLY LOUD PEOPLE WHO WON’T SHUT UP in the next-door cube! I have shared this on the Dave Barry blog. Thanks much!

  41. Hey there! I see requests are being made for a PCD dancing partner…figures…slave and dance to the top and the vultures appear…
    next thing you know there’ll be a PCD posse.

    eventually someone will get shot…

    all fun & games till someone losses an eye!

  42. If this doesn’t chase away those Monday blues, I don’t know what will!! It is a BLAST to play with all the different combinations of moves you can put this little guy through.

  43. hiya! i luv ur webbi whoever made dis is a genius! i liv in england, in der lake district and thanks for makin me smile!!! i wish i cud make summat like dis! byebye!

  44. I thought this was excellent and really well put together.
    I’m amazed how your pipecleaner man seems to match the music perfectly. You must have had the patience of a saint when putting it all together.
    I did have a good laugh and so I forwarded it to a few friends.


  45. A G F D S F (repeatedly)

    It would be easier if it was asdfgh but that would require a change in the letter=move combination.

  46. Brilliant and quite wonderful for my class of small children who are making pipecleaner people in art today. Thanks

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