Puppeteers Discover Pipecleaner Dance

The Original Pipecleaner Man
The Original Pipecleaner Man

So, the folks at Puppets and Stuff have discovered the Pipecleaner Dance. They consulted puppet philosopher, Steven Tills who feels that the Pipecleaner Dance qualifies as a virtual puppet. Virtual puppetry, it turns out, is a big deal to some. Just try googling it. Anyway, Puppet Philosophy is very much like Puppet Government, except fewer people are killed in Puppet Governments. Truth be told, I had never really considered the idea that the Pipecleaner Dance is a virtual puppet. But now that you mention folks, yeah, I guess he is.
Someone also asked me how many visitors I get. Well, lately, the Pipecleaner Dance has really taken off. He’s been discovered by several people and I guess word spread quick and far. Here are my usage stats for the first 1o days in April:

Total Hits 875737
Total Files 663943
Total Pages 379370
Total Visits 311253
Total KBytes 224299496
Total Unique Sites 261818
Total Unique URLs 1271
Total Unique Referrers 12347
Total Unique User Agents 7147

Avg / Max
Hits per Hour 3648 / 8990
Hits per Day 87573 / 129090
Files per Day 66394 / 99293
Pages per Day 37937 / 57032
Visits per Day 31125 / 45072
KBytes per Day 22429950 / 33589191

So, I guess most accurately, about 37 thousand people come to see the Pipecleaner Dance every day … people like him. In fact, so many people like him, that they’ve tried to copy him … check this out. That guy copied me back in the late 90s. Someone even registered http://www.pipecleanerdance.com to try to extort the poor, fluffy guy. Whatever. I’m an emergency vet, not a puppeteer. But, I dig the folks at Puppets and Stuff. They were very kind, and I’ve always liked puppets.