Pipecleaner Dance III

Pipecleaner Dance III on davidbessler.com
Pipecleaner Dance III on davidbessler.com


Music: Use button A – E to choose different tunes. Use button X to shut off the music.

Instructions: Click on a round button to start some tunes.? Then use the keyboard, or mouse-over the keyboard on the screen to dance.? Use the round “x” button to stop the music.? Note: the keys are case-sensitive so make sure caps lock is off.

Flash:?You must have Macromedia flash to see this awesome dancing-thingy.? Download it now?you don’t know what you’re missing.???

Thanks Cheryl! A special thanks to Cheryl for editing out the scotch tape I used to keep pipecleaner man in place. You did a wonderful job! Magical, in fact.? I’m so happy people care so much for the pipecleaner dance.

136 thoughts on “Pipecleaner Dance III

  1. I am a teacher at a high school. the pipe cleaner dancer helps to brighten and lighten up my day many times after dealing with kids with problems that I can\’t always solve. Thanks

  2. How funny! We definitely sat here watching him for a looong time. Who ever made him was a genius! I like some of the songs too.

  3. Ok so i loved your little dancing guy when i first looked but now coming back to look again as i am BORED i can’t actually find the button to go to see him! Lots of info about changes you have made but please! Where is he! Ta Suz

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  6. Oh that was so refreshing and fun… me and my kids checked it out for the first time today and we got up and started dancing…although the kids tried to do the same moves that Pipecleaner man I think eventually they will get them LOL…thanks again it was fun

  7. So cool. It was so much fun to make up your own dance moves. Kinda like dancin’ in front of the mirror. Put a smile on my face for the morning.
    Oh, and the music is cool too!

  8. love the choices you picked for music. everyone needs a little guilty pleasure/time waster in their life! thanks for helping me find yet another.

  9. dis is perty kewl I tink!!!!!Well good luc and i will be BACK!!HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!Bye fer now my fello americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I’ve never seen something on the internet that could hold my attention for as long as this did.

    I want to say that this is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a really long time.

    Who knew pipe cleaners could be so cool?

  11. Hi!(oi!)
    my name is Lohanna !!(meu nome é Lohanna)
    Quat is you name ???(Qual é o seu ???)
    I am brazilian !! ;D(Sou brasileira !! ;D)
    Kisses =* (Bjos) =*

  12. Hi!
    My name is Fernanda.(Meu nome é Fernanda.)
    I’m brazilian.(Sou brasileira.)
    It is game is very Good!(Este jogo é muito bom!)


  13. Ae, Luiza ae valeu pelos site mow “phodá” que você ta passando valeu mesmo amei kaspoksapoksa

    BeijOs pessoal!!

  14. hello!!!!!!!!!!I´m brazilian,this game is very good and cool!!!!!!!!!!KISSES,KISSES and KISSES.I love Justin Timberlake

  15. Aewww Luiza, pow, seu programa arrebenta!!
    E vc eh mto LindahH!!!! 😉

    Irado esse jogo!!!IUAHiahIUAHiuahUIAHuia…


    by pablo

  16. ois
    luiza gosto muito do seu programa
    e amei os jogos de pintura online e o da corda dançante viu
    bjaum t adoro de montaum

    1. Meg Tuta!!!!!! How could you?!?!?!?! You know that when aliens are deciding whether or not to destroy all of humanity based on our character- this game will be the only thing that can save us!!!!!! Shame on you!!!!! This game is everything that is right in the world

  17. Go outside and lay on the sidewalk in the cold. It helps you reach an enlightened state plus its a better use of time then this game

  18. Awesome…stumbled upon it…now, whenever I need a pickme up I come back for more. Can’t help but laugh out loud every single time. I’ve sent to many a friend..one of whom wished she could record her dances…which I thought was a good idear….

    Much fun!

  19. Awesome…stumbled upon it…now, whenever I need a pickme up I come back for more. Can’t help but laugh out loud every single time. I’ve sent to many a friend..one of whom wished she could record her dances…which I thought was a good idear….

    Much fun!

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