The Newest Bessler

New Baby Boy

We had the baby about a month early, and it’s a boy! He’s healthy, and Marni is recovering well. We got lucky again, and our doctor happened to be on call the night (actually morning) we delivered. She is the best, and we were so excited that she was able to deliver our second baby too.

Here are the stats:
Born: 2/18/2008 3:37am
Weight: 6lbs 3oz
Length: 19.5 inches

His hair is black for the time being, but then again so was Noah Darwin’s. He was opening his eyes after like 30 seconds, and continues to open them all the time. He cried once for about 10 seconds right after his cord was cut, and since then has hardly cried.

The bris is scheduled for Monday morning, and we’ll officially name him then. You’ll just have to be patient. We went with a smiliar theme to that of Noah Darwin. No, it’s not Nebuchadnezzer Einstein Bessler, or Shlomo Van Beethoven Bessler … both perfectly acceptable names, just not the one we chose.


6 thoughts on “The Newest Bessler

  1. Congrats and Mazal tov. I think his eyes look a little like the eyes on that wierd animal cracker!!!!
    I think his name should be Milo.
    All my best wishes.

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