In Search of a Quiet Place to Read

There are things you want to read and things you have to read.  I have no problem reading at home as long as it’s something I want to read.  I even do a pretty good job of convincing myself that I want to read some of the things I have to read, making it possible to read those things at home.  Unfortunately, there are things I have to read which I cannot persuade myself to enjoy.  Those things I am unable to read at home.  I find myself doing laundry, tidying up my room, and spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Today, I tried to get out of the house to find a quiet spot to read.  I figured I should start with the usual place people go to sit and read–the local library.  

The Spuyten Duyvil branch of the New York Public Library:  Not appropriate for serious reading or research.  The mere presence of so many children (a great thing I believe) means there is a high likelihood of some disturbance every few minutes.


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