Today is My Independence Day

We had the whole thing planned out. We’d leave the kids with Marni’s parents, and then Marni would drop me off at work on her way to see the latest vampire movie with her friend. When I walked into work, everybody kept saying to me “What are you doing here?”. At first I kept saying, “I’m working tonight,” until it hit me that maybe I wasn’t working tonight. I checked the board, and sure enough, I wasn’t on the schedule. I called Marni and told her that I wasn’t working and luckily she hadn’t made it down to the end of the block. What a treat! I felt like I had just been given a wonderful gift. I spent a few hours at The Bronx Ale House (my local, if I have one), and now I’m waiting for Marni to pick me up so we can go out to eat in the city. Sweet!


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