Log Your Life with Tap Log

I do a whole lot of eating!

What happens when you can record your activity every second of the day with the simple press of a button?  You discover that you do a hell of a lot of eating!  The bad news doesn’t stop there.  After eating, I spend most of my time in the bathroom or sleeping.  Pathetic?  Maybe.  But, at least now I know how pathetic I am, and more importantly how I can become less pathetic.

The app is called Tap Log which you can download from the Android market.  There are tons of examples and great instructions on the blog, here.

You couldn’t ask for a more simple interface.  You create a button, tell it what you want the button to do, and voila!  You just press the button to log your information.  The time and place the button was pressed is automatically recorded.  You can have it ask you for a relevant quantity or perhaps an associated note.  You can create sublists, so hitting a button brings you to another page of buttons.  For example, when I click “drinking” it takes me to a page of buttons which lists Water, Crystal Light, Soda, Wine, Beer.

Then, there’s the charts feature.  You just press and hold one of your buttons and select chart.  You get a choice of several charts for the button you’ve pressed.   I can chart the times of day I drink, or maybe on which days I drink the most.  I can even see a pie chart breakdown of how often I drink each beverage.  Then, you can share your chart as I’ve done here.

Finally, you can save your data as a .csv to your SD card so you can later do all sorts of cool things with the data in excel, or even email a list of log entries.  Try it!  You might learn something about yourself.  OK.  I’m off to get a drink of water … click  …  drink/water … click … bathroom/pee.