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5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Dave,
    How are you? I saw that you are at NYC vet specialists. ARe you guys looking for a cardiologist? I’m in my 3rd year at Davis and may be looking for a job in NYC. HOpe everything is going well for you!


    you can email me at my yahoo account.

  2. Hey Dr. Bessler:

    Congrats on the new place in Queens. Is it strictly ER? What’s the name of it? I was just cruisin the net looking for cool places to do externships. It’s snowy here in the land of Cornell right now. Does your place take externs? Anyway, back to studying for finals. I loved the cute photos of Noah.

  3. Hi! I’m a first year vet student at Penn and guess what I found in my test box? No, not your old exams, but an extremely useful list of all of the histology slides for the first practical. Nassar saw it sitting next to my microscope as I was reviewing. He remembers you and was rather excited. Just wanted to say thanks for the review materials, they’re still in circulation! (As a sidenote- I too went to Cornell). Best of luck!


    Back to the biochem…

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