Dancing Me!

Dancing Me on davidbessler.com
Dancing Me on davidbessler.com

You knew it would happen.

Instructions: Click on a round button to start some tunes. Then use the keyboard, or mouse-over the keyboard on the screen to dance. Use the round “x” button to stop the music. Note: the keys are case-sensitive so make sure caps lock is off.

Flash: You must have flash to see this awesome dancing-thingy. Download it now—you don’t know what you’re missing.

19 thoughts on “Dancing Me!

  1. “Download [Flash] now?you don’t know what you’re missing.”

    The reason I no longer have a Flash plugin in my browser is precisely because of what that lets me “miss”: 4 zillion animated, annoying Flash advertisements plastered everywhere. It’s sad, because Flash can be used for some pretty interesting things, but unfortunately it has been so abused for commercial gain that the good things are far outwighed by the bad ones.

  2. Loved the pipcleaner, strange how such a thing could be so enjoyable!
    Your dancing tho, even better! GREAT job. V-

  3. oops! i didn’t realize that your comment to me was an email and not a comment.. so i just replied to what appears to be nothing… grargh.

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  5. Thank you for permitting National Dance Week to add your Pipe Cleaner Dancer to our website. It’s provided me with a smile and a quick and often needed respite from many workdays! Certainly, both YOUR image and the Pipe Cleaners tie in with NDW’s 2007 national Campaign, “Look Who’s Dancing Now!” We’re hoping to have everyone take photos of People Dancing In Unusual Places, Times and Settings. Imagine the Judge in robes kicking up his heels or the Dentist, drill in hand, tapping toes to the latest beat! Go, Pipe Cleaner Man, Go! Take it to the People!

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